Sugar Cubed Cake Pricing Sheet

These are base prices for all of our cakes, please note that additional elements and details may increase the price. 

Single Tier Cakes

2 Tier Cakes

3 Tier Cakes

4 Tier Cakes

Cake + Cupcake Wedding Packages

Fit your budget and feed all your guests. We’ve done the math for you, quick and simple.

Do It Yourself Wedding Package

still includes the simple 6″ cutting cake ($40)
minis are $15 per dozen and we recommend 2-3 per guest
bigs are $36 per dozen and we recommend 1 per person

You've Got Questions... We've Got Answers

Please take your time reading through our curated concoction of frequently asked questions. We promise it will show you the recipe for success when you are ready to place your order.