Meet the Owners

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us! Sugar Cubed is a family own business led by Kayla Brown. With the support of her husband Jordan and two daughters Timber and Juniper, the success of this little bakery has far exceeded their expectations.

Our goal is to be a light within the community, and an anchor for our Sugar Crew team. When you become a loyal customer of Sugar Cubed you are not only supporting the livelihood of our staff, but also our family’s passion of serving the great City of Gresham. We are forever grateful and humbled by the continuous support of all our customers!

Here at Sugar Cubed we strive to maintain an excellent work culture. I think anyone who has worked here will tell you that the thing they love the most about their job isn’t necessarily the baking or the decorating, but the people. We truly do become a family and pride ourselves on longevity with our staff. Even when life takes them on a new path and their time comes to an end at our bakery, they will always be a Sugar Cubed Alumni. We are forever grateful for those that have embraced this dream as their own, and look forward to bringing up more young new artists and bakers as the years go on.

Where It All Began

This journey all started in 2011 when I found myself at a crossroad after graduating from college. I got a degree in graphic design but soon realized I had no desire to pursue a job in that field. I took a year off after college to do some soul searching, and figure out what I wanted to do next in life, during that time I got really obsessed with watching cake decorating shows and it’s as if a light bulb went off saying “that’s what I should be doing!” I loved that it was something creative, messy, and fast paced. After toying with the idea for a few weeks I was blessed with an opportunity to work for a small home based bakery in California. With hardly any knowledge of cake decorating, or baking, I packed up my life and hit the road to learn as much as I could as fast as I could. My time down there was truly life changing and is a huge part of my success today. During an evening Skype date with Jordan I told him I felt like this was the path I was meant for and that I wanted to start a cake business when I got home. Without hesitation he loaned me $500 to buy my start up equipment. To this day he still brags that it’s the best investment he ever made. Upon my return in September 2011, my parents graciously let me turn the lower level of their home into a commercial kitchen, and Sugar Cubed Cakes was born.


In those early days I was doing all I could to learn the craft and ingulf myself in it as much of it as possible. How to properly bake, frost, stack, decorate, and transport cakes. Then I had to figure out how to make money at it, because lets face it, unless your making money at it it’s just a hobby not a business. I think any home baker will tell you the one of the hardest parts is figuring out what your time is worth, and how to be confident in charging for it. It took me a long time to build that confidence and if I am being honest I still struggle with it even today, but I guess I am doing something right!


When I started my business my loftiest goal was to open a storefront after 5 years. I sacrificed summers, family trips, and basically my entire 20’s to pursue this dream. When the time came I had an opportunity to move my bakery into a small retail space in a rural county. I was so excited and dove in head first, without doing the proper due diligence. About half way through the buildout we ran into some major issues with the building occupancy and code issues, I was devastated and thought I had royally screwed myself. Thankfully God has a funny way of working things out, and that door being slammed shut was the best thing that ever happened to me. Two months later I was connected with the owner of Bella cupcake, she was ready to retire and sell her business to someone young and eager to grow. We had an instant connection and I fell head over heals in love with her and her location. It was in the heart of the town I love, and all the major work was already done to the building, not to mention I got an amazing mentor and friend out of the deal. It was obvious this was where I was meant to be so we worked out a deal and Sugar Cubed acquired Bella Cupcake in January 2017.


It’s obvious that the COVID-19 pandemic has effected everything and everyone and our business was no exception. After the year that was 2020, and I sit down to write a reflection on what the last two years have unearthed about myself and my business I can’t help but be grateful for the challenges that have come our way and the fact that we are standing stronger and more successful on the other side. I know not all businesses (especially in the food industry) have had that same outcome. We did our best to pivot after the entire wedding season was cancelled, and shifted our focus to DIY kits and smaller celebration cakes. We also took a hard look at the amount of product we were wasting everyday and made an intentional push toward encouraging preorders. We also came to the realization that our business is not only sustainable, but more successful without indoor dining, and multiple deliveries every weekend. The biggest and most important takeaway from all this though is the realization that work isn’t everything. Time with the ones you love and your mental health is. We all became so mentally exhausted from everything being thrown at us, the constant uncertainty, and the ugly side of the customer service industry. We took a week long sabbatical in July of 2020 and embraced many 3 day weekend closures. It was the smartest business decision I made all year and vowed we would continue this tradition in years to come. You can always earn more money but you can’t get back the time lost with your family, and I never want my staff (or myself) to feel so burnt out that we lose sight of the joy that this job can bring.

Where We’re Headed

The 2021 year brought the biggest growth spurt this bakery has ever seen and we are doing our best to keep up with all the orders that are coming in. We have a few of our core staff members out on maternity leave enjoying the new life that they brought into this world and we are so excited for them! However that means that we are operating with half the staff and double the work. We do our best to accommodate as many orders as possible, but we have become more familiar with what our limit is and we never want to jeopardize the quality of our product or the limits of our staff, so we have gotten comfortable with saying “we’re booked for cakes” sometimes three weeks out. We hope you can understand, and be flexible with us as we continue to grow and adapt in this crazy every changing world we live in, and like always, the future of this bakery looks bright and promising and it’s all thanks to you, our customers and community!


101 N Main Ave Gresham OR 97030


Moday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 10-6, Sunday Closed



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