Custom Cupcakes

Our cupcakes are a huge hit with both kids and adults. They are super easy to display and serve, and a great way to offer a variety of flavors. Any customized cupcakes need to be paid for in advance. This includes ordering flavors not on the monthly menu.


Mini cupcakes:
$16 per dozen

Big cupcakes:
Four for $15 or $40 per dozen

Party Tray:
$54 for 48 mini cupcakes
more on the party trays

Cupcake Sizes

If you are seeking a flavor not on our monthly menu a minimum of one dozen minis or four bigs is required. Only our big cupcakes are capable of having fillings.


A little bigger than a golf ball


A little bigger than a tennis ball

Party Trays

$54 for 48 mini cupcakes served on a 16” silver platter, up to three flavors of your choosing. These are a pick-up item only and cannot be included in deliveries. (We cannot do elaborate custom designs or custom toppers on the party trays).

Important Cupcake Details

How to Order

Most cupcake orders only require 24 hour notice. For large quantities or custom toppers please contact us 2-3 weeks in advance during peak season (May-September).

$25 non refundable deposit on any order of $100 or more. Remainder balance and details due no later than 5 days in advance.

Read the FAQs carefully and request a quote or call the shop to get started.

Gluten Free

We offer two gluten free flavors of cupcakes on Wednesdays and Saturdays from our monthly menu. These flavors are determined at the beginning of each week. If you would like a specific gluten free flavor please contact us at least a week in advance.

Our gluten free cupcakes are produced within a kitchen that is not dedicated to gluten free, so those that are celiac should be advised.

Cupcake Wrappers

Our cupcake liners are either brown or white. Our cupcakes are a custom size so bringing in your own color wrapper, while possible, doesn’t guarentee we can use it.


Delivery includes set up of cake and cupcakes, placement of any fresh flowers, toppers, or other non-edible embellishments, and making sure the entire table is photo ready.


  • Only available on orders $300+
  • Sunday delivery $100 extra
  • Cost is approximately $5/mile
  • Additional $25 for 45+ minute cupcake package setup

Multi Multi

(multiple colors with multiple piping tips. Most commonly used with unicorn or floral cupcakes. Limited flavors)

Mini multi multi: $2.50 per cupcake
Big multi multi: $4.50 per cupcake (no dozen discounts)

Cupcake Toppers

We can make custom toppers at an additional charge. We typically do not make any 3-dimensional toppers. These are simply too time consuming and we would need to charge more than most are willing to pay! Unicorn horns are usually the only exception (feel free to inquire with images).

Mini cupcake toppers: .50¢-$1+ per cupcake
Simple cutouts, up to 2 colors (not all designs available for minis)       

Big cupcake toppers: $1-$4+ per cupcake

  • We can do flat cutouts and hand painted toppers. If there is a lot of detail we recommend ordering big cupcakes in order to fit the design. Only small, simple items can be made for the minis.
  •  As a way to stay within budget we often recommend that we make toppers for half of your order and then doing matching frosting and sprinkles for the remaining half.

Happy Customers

“Always love this place!  Ordered a few mini cupcakes and every single one was so tasty. My husband ordered 2 macarons and they were perfect.”

- Lacey Ferguson

“Husband suggested this place to order cupcakes from for our sons 2 birthday party. Good choice. Ordered 16 regular size cupcakes- 2 of 8 different flavors that we thought would be well liked. Everyone loved the cupcakes. I liked the filled cupcakes the best. But all were very good. A little $. But it was worth it. Staff at Sugar cubed were very nice and answered any questions we had and patiently waited till we figured out our order. Then ordered more other yummy treats to go.” 
- Bonnie Kahr

“I have to admit that this is my first ever Google review and I can’t think of a better time to start writing them than now. Sugar Cubed Cake shop made the most beautiful and tasty cake and cookies I have ever seen, for my daughter’s first birthday. They were the absolute highlight of the party. I don’t know what else to say other than how amazed I was after opening the box. Wow! So beautiful! Highly recommend this cake shop. Thank you, Sugar Cubed Cakes, for making my daughter’s first birthday so special.”

- Tamara Schaffner

You've Got Questions... We've Got Answers

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